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Total Man Package

Our TOTAL MAN PACKAGE includes the follow:

  • All 4 Small Masculine Wax Melts
    • Blue Ties & Bourbon
    • Rough Around The Edges
    • Tall, Dark, & Handsome
    • All The Smoke
  • 4 All Natural Handmade Soaps
    • Bourbon Shots
    • Black Leather
    • Mahogany and Coconut
    • Smoky Clean
  • Wax Warmer Of Your Choice
    • Geometrically Gorgeous (Black or Gold)
    • Square Elegance (Black or Gold)
    • Fierce Curves (Black or Gold)
  • Rechargeable Lighter (Black or Gold)
  • 9pk Long-Lasting Tealight Candles
  • Beard Butter (A fan favorite of Mahogany Teakwood or our Baby Powder scent with a masculine touch of select natural ingredients to make your beard freshly intense)
  • Sip & Scent Signature Wooden Beard Comb or Pick
  • Signature Scotch Glass

You’ll also have the option of further customizing your wax melts by adding color for FREE.

Important Note: Due to wax melts being 100% natural soy wax, frosting may occur. Adding color may enhance the frosty appearance, but will not affect the scent in any way.

Wooden combs/picks are better than traditional plastic & metal ones. The following are just some of the many benefits to using wooden combs/picks:

* Gentle On Hair
* Distributes Hairs Natural Oils Better Which Prevents Grease Buildup
* Promotes Shiny, Healthier Hair Naturally
* Creates Negative Ions Which are Actually a Positive for Hair
* Naturally Nourishes Hair
* Promotes Healthy Scalp by Boosting Blood Circulation
* Encourages Hair Growth
* Helps Reduce Dandruff and Itchy Scalp
* Stimulates Hair Growth
* Reduces Scalp Infection
* Massages Scalp in a Way That Calms Nerves

After choosing your wax warmer and fire element, click on the images below under ‘Mini Scent Cellar’ to reveal what’s inside to make it smell so amazing.


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