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The Classic Man


  • ‘Small Blue Ties & Bourbon’ Wax Melt
  • ‘Bourbon Shots’ Soap
  • Beard Butter (A fan favorite of Mahogany Teakwood or our Baby Powder scent with a masculine touch of select ingredients to make your beard freshly intense)
  • Sip & Scent Signature Wooden Beard Comb or Pick
  • Scotch Cup

You can also upgrade to our Total Man Package which includes the following: a stunning wax warmer of your choice, 4 Masculine Wax Melts, 4 All Natural Vegan Handmade Soaps, Beard Butter, our Signature Wooden Beard Comb or Signature Wooden Beard Pick, a rechargeable lighter, a 9 pack of long lasting tealight candles… AND a complimentary signature Sip & Scent scotch glass!

Important Note: Due to wax melts being 100% natural soy wax, frosting may occur.

Wooden combs/picks are better than traditional plastic & metal ones. The following are just some of the many benefits to using wooden combs/picks:
* Gentle On Hair
* Distributes Hairs Natural Oils Better Which Prevents Grease Buildup
* Promotes Shiny, Healthier Hair Naturally
* Creates Negative Ions Which are Actually a Positive for Hair
* Naturally Nourishes Hair
* Promotes Healthy Scalp by Boosting Blood Circulation
* Encourages Hair Growth
* Helps Reduce Dandruff and Itchy Scalp
* Stimulates Hair Growth
* Reduces Scalp Infection
* Massages Scalp in a Way That Calms Nerves


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